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Hi! I'm Kastania Victoria

Like most amazing bloggers before me, I have a serious passion for music, traveling, food, fashion and talking to people about their lives. I had no freaking clue how to wrap up my experiences of life until I realized that blogging was kind of like a personal diary that you are sharing with people all over the world. Like a portfolio of life experiences that I chose to share with other people to hopefully give them a glimpse of something new. I want to inspire and be inspired. It's SO cliché but that's what I wanted to get out of this. 

Why did you start blogging? Post college I was struggling with some health issues, I had an awful breakup, jobless, moved back home with my family and couldn't find inspiration. The only thing I had on my side was; time. I started a fashion blog that seemed to be going in the right direction until I finally got a full-time job and managing photo shoots was a huge problem in my schedule. I created that blog and didn't keep up with it, as most bloggers do and then fail. I then tried creating a music blog with a friend of mine from work. The hardest part of blogging is to remain consistent and I think we were biting more than we could chew. So as they say in life, 'third time's a charm' and here I am trying this out with a real purpose. Not only is this a portfolio of the work that I have done but also this is just me. My life consists of some really cool shit and I'd love to share those experiences with you.

What Inspires Me?

Music. Music is my career, my life and the world that I live in every single day. I work in the music industry at a radio station in New York City. I have a serious passion for finding new music while keeping up with the trends of today's charts and catching any and all live music shows. I'm a serious concert junkie and I love every second of it. It's easy to find a new artist but to see how they perform and their passion for the art is on a completely different level!


Fashion. I have always loved keeping up with trends, finding inspiration from street wear, checking the detailing in all clothing, styling fun pieces in my own closet and always being the 'go to girl' for my friend's fashion advice. I take pride in the outfits that I put together but I have to say that since working in the music industry, I've started to slack in this department and it is so disappointing! I started up blogging again as a way to help re-inspire myself to stop dressing like a damn TROLL. 


Travel. My mom stuck me on a plane by myself at the prime age of six to see my aunt in Oregon. Although the flight from San Francisco to Oregon is shorter than a blink, it's still unbelievable that she put me on a plane by myself at such a young age! From that one experience, I decided right then and there that I loved traveling. In 2016, I traveled to South Africa by myself to see my best friend in the Peace Corps. It was such an amazing experience that I wanted to do a big trip every single year! In 2017, I went to Dublin, Ireland and London, England with one of my best friends from college. It was freaking incredible and I just want to keep sharing my own travel experiences with you guys! Most recently I moved from San Francisco to New York City on a whim and gut feeling. Yes, I must be batshit crazy but I guess that's life. 


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